About the Gallery

When people come to the gallery the first thing they notice is the abundance of colour everywhere. Bold and bright colour! Our artists celebrate and embrace the full palette.

Located just off Broadway Ave on main street. Broadway Ave area is a fusion of culture, community, and commerce. It offers an urban village experience by celebrating local galleries, shops, cuisine, and entertainment.

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About the Owners

After 35 years in the art industry, it was natural to open up a gallery showcasing Denyse's work and celebrating artists from across North America. They wanted to bring a gallery that focused on bright, strong and vibrant art to Saskatoon. Bohème Art Gallery compliments the city's other galleries and supports local talent, along with introducing new artists that have never shown in Saskatchewan.

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About the Staff

Mike was entrenched in the art world at an early age, when his Fine Art and Sculpture dealing Uncle allowed him to tag along to the Salerooms, galleries and Auction houses of London, Jolly Old England. Whilst eventually graduating to the Food and Beverage industry, Mike has always maintained a close link to the creative world, and he and his partner Colleen’s walls and shelves are decorated with an eclectic collection of images and objects from all corners of the globe. Working with the Artists at Bohème Gallery is truly inspiring, surrounded by brightness, color and quality, and it’s a pleasure to share the experience with both Artists and Collectors…